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Welcome to


You've found the online home of the Florence Family, who have lots of pots on the boil!

Below you'll find stuff related to Papa (Christian), Oma (Bridget) and the kids (Nuri & Lewin) too!   

And yes, we have dutch heritage.

Why flowwrench? 

It's a name we came up with to de-identify our surname.  Sounds similar enough though!


We live in Southern Tasmania, the southern island of Australia, in the southern hemisphere of planet Earth.

What are you working on at the moment?

See below to find out more about what's going on for the Florence Family.  Enjoy! 

colourful devilsticks

Christian and Sam have gone into business selling circus equipment due to a lack of suppliers in Tasmania.  They currently make hula hoops, devilsticks, ribbons and poi, plan to make stilts, juggling balls and clubs, and stock popular items such as spinning plates and diabolos!

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