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What's going on here then?

We attend markets and festivals, demonstrating circus skills you can learn with equipment and props that we make and sell in Tasmania.  

Hopefully you'll learn something new,

fall in love & take it home with you. 

If you aren't able to meet us in person, we can send stuff to you instead. 

Click here for our Online Store

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Why Sell Circus Props? 

Why not?

* ^

 ♥︎ < + # @ % > ~

^ you get an amazing feeling redirecting a bicycle inner tube from landfill and turning it into a a cherished object that gives many hours of endless creative opportunities 

@ follow your dreams... 

+ sometimes you need to follow your ♥︎

< the endless amounts of joy that it brings 

# a virus called covid19 came along and made it much harder to get hold of high quality circus equipment, so we felt we had no choice

♥︎ for our community and the planet 

* learning to juggle can change the trajectory of a human's life in such a way that it causes them to have a life that is approximately 30 times more worth living 

Sam & Christian

Between them, they have approximately three hundred thousand years of experience in the circus arts *

Sam hoops like a legend.   Christian throws up, and tries to catch what comes down.

Together, they are Cirque Tasmania

* includes approximate experience of all the people who taught them, plus the experience of the people who taught those people, plus 10%

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